Blue swimmer crab – Blue manna


The Cut and the Estuary (Australind)

Bag Limits
Bag limits reduced to 10 crabs per person per day.

Boat Limits
Boat limits reduced to 20 crabs per boat, if there are more than two people on board. If there is only one person on board, standard bag limit of 10 applies.
There is also a limit of 10 drop nets per boat.

Size Limit
Minimum size limit of 127mm across the widest part of the shell. Return all undersize and berried (egg-carrying) crabs to the water within 5 minutes of catching them.

How To Measure A Crab
Crabs are measured across the widest part of the shell, from tip to tip of the carapace spikes. (127mm across the widest part of the shell)

Crabbing Gear
Only wire or plastic scoop nets, drop nets or hand-held blunt wire hooks may be used to catch crabs. It is illegal to take crabs using fishing of prawning nets. Any crab caught accidentally this way must be released immediately.

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