In the heart of dairying country known as the “Cream of the South West”, Brunswick Junction was named after an English duke of the late 1800s. Brunswick Junction is set amid rolling hills and lush green dairy pastures. An extensive network of irrigation channels keeps the pastures green all year round. A replica of a Friesian cow stands proudly in the centre of town, as a tribute to the major industry of the area. Nicknamed Daisy, the Cow On The Corner – Daisy has become the town’s mascot. First established as a railway junction with a line from Collie coalfield, Brunswick Junction is steeped in history. Now with the Harvey Shire population of 25,000, this tranquil town has a population of 895 and it comes to life in springtime, with the largest one-day agricultural show in country Western Australia. This show is held in late October annually.

Things to See and Do

Cow on the Corner (Daisy)

South Western Highway
Established on 29 August 2020 at the cost of $500, some financial assistance was provided by the Federal Council of the Friesian Cattle Club of Australia. Made by Elsie Manning of Albany over a 2 month period. Visit the life-size replica of a Friesian cow which was a local Lions Club project as a tribute to the dairy industry. Affectionately known as Daisy, the Cow On The Corner – Daisy is situated in a park in the centre of town and is very popular with visitors. Don’t forget your camera!

Alverstoke – Heritage & Function Centre

Clifton Road -Prior booking’s are essential  
The Tranquil country setting is steep in history, the unique attractions within the grounds adds atmosphere and interest to every event. The function centre is housed in the refurbished “new dairy” and provides cheerful restaurant-style seating for 50 persons. Reverse-cycle air-conditioning, modern toilet facilities and disabled access ensure comfort throughout the year for all guests. Historic Barn: A setting rich with agriculture charm, the barn seats 80 persons in its spacious interior. The wide wooden verandah and nearby grassed areas are perfect for informal or workshop-style events. A collection of over 200 heritage roses has been established, including Bourbon, Gallica, Tea, Portland and Rugosa varieties. Other attractions include an extensive collection of vintage farm machinery, tools and memorabilia is housed in various outbuildings around the farm. The school contains a display of many treasured artifacts common to schools of its time. Alverstoke is home to several Clydesdale horses, as well as other farmyard and native animals.

White Rocks Dairy

South Western Highway, Benger
(08) 9726 1085 – Entry Fee

White Rocks – Brunswick Junction is a dairy farm situated in the Brunswick area, traditionally a major centre for the dairy industry. White Rocks has always been a dairy farm and was settled in 1887 by the present manager’s great grandfather John, who with his family milked five or six cows by hand, making butter and cheese for sale to neighbours. Gradually as more land was cleared the herd grew. In 1894 the Perth/Bunbury railway came through the bottom of the property. With the option of this fast transport to Perth (it only took 6 or 8 hours) it was possible to sell milk direct to vendors in Perth in 10 gallon cans wrapped in wet bags. An old cottage built in 1891 has become a family museum and houses memorabilia from past generations. A blacksmith work area and tools are in adjacent shed, together with a wash house. In a school room, transported from the old Brunswick school, is a collection of butter churns and cheese making paraphernalia. Having seen how dairying was conducted in the past, visitors are shown how it is done now.

There is a modern rotary 50 stand dairy where up to 600 cows are milked in under two hours by two people. The farm also raises dairy-fed veal which is marketed as White Rock Veal to top resturants in several states, and is exported to Singapore, Mauritius and China. White Rocks Farm specialises in tours for secondary schools and colleges in Perth regularly take their Year 12 Geography students through the farm. Its open daily from 2pm-4pm (by appointment only).

White Rocks also features in the Working Life Heritage Trail.

Brunswick Pool

Located on the South Western Highway at the north end of the town near the bridge. This is a picturesque section of the Brunswick River enjoyed by locals and tourists for an invigorating dip on hot summer days. The Brunswick Pool & BBQ Area has shady grassed areas provide an ideal spot for a picnic and the children will be kept amused by the play equipment.

Bruns Cp.png. - sml.png

Historic Buildings

Take a stroll down the main street of Brunswick Junction and view some of the town’s heritage. Many buildings, such as the old shire hall, the Catholic and Anglican churches which date back to the early 1900s. The nearby Beela Valley has a scenic drive which takes in farming country east of the town as well as the Mornington forests. Take note of the railway cottages along the railway line.

Beela Valley

The Beela Valley Scenic Drive will take you through steep hills with beautiful flora and lush farming country and open paddocks. To get the best of the drive, start from Beela Road opposite the Tavern and follow the river along Mornington Road (unsealed) through the forest.


Benger WA is rich farmland only 8 minutes South of Harvey on the South Western Highway. Benger, Western Australia is perfect for a country lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The South West town of Benger is known as clean and green.


A short drive from Brunswick heading South is a peaceful piece of heaven ‘Roelands’.  Rolling green hills, rich with the best soil for garden lovers. Roelands is 15 minutes from the beach and close to many industries. Ring the Harvey Visitor Centre for Accommodation to relax in perfect peace and quiet. 08 9729 1122.

Heritage Council Database – Brunswick Junction

Ave Marie Church (1190)
Benger State School (11969)
Benger Swamp (11972)
Bill Arthur’s Bridge (11978)
Brunswick and Memorial Hall (1192)
Brunswick Hotel (fmr)(1195)
Brunswick Junction Fire Station (14447)
Brunswick Memorial Gates (12858)
Brunswick Post Office (11975)
Brunswick Precinct No 1 (12024)
Brunswick Road Bridge over Brunswick River (3396)
Brunswick State School and Teachers Quarter’s (fmr)(16231)
Chandlers Boys Settlement (3471)
Clifton School-Site (11973)
Delaporte House site (12012)
Melville Park Homestead (11974)
National Bank Building (fmr)(3180)
Old State Farmhouse (11976)
Potato Shed- Site of (12011) (Benger)
War Memorial, Roelands Community Hall (13144) (Roelands)
Shenfield Homestead (3173) (Benger)
Sherron Homestead (11970)
St Peter’s Anglican Church (1194)
Station Master’s House, Brunswick Junction (15862)
Upper Collie River Bridge (11979) (Roelands)