Enlightening Minds

Enlightening Minds offers Gong / Singing Bowl sound relaxation sessions, where the rhythmic vibrational sounds resonate through every cell of the entire body and mind, soothing the nervous system and leading the body and mind into a deeply relaxing meditative state. Prolonged immersion can help shift emotional, mental, spiritual and physical blockages. The “SoundCreation Earth Gong” is a deep nand mysterious Gong with unique sounds to help evoke relaxation and process emotions. Singing Bowls and a Chakra Drum are slso used in each sound session.  The sound sessions are help regularly at public venues in the area and can also be bookef for private groups.

Enlighteng Minds offer Councelling sessions for stree, anxiety / depression, life changes, grief / loss / trauma, anger issues, parenting support, work issues, relationship difficulties and any life challengers that may be faced.

Everyone is unique and needs to be treated as an individual.




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